About the Authors

Carole Jelen’s publishing career spans two decades as literary agent plus a decade as publishing editor for three major publishing houses. Founder of Jelen Publishing and VP/Literary Agent at Waterside Productions, Jelen builds writing careers for top selling authors and grows publishing relationships resulting in millions of books sold. Jelen promotes authors in leading subject categories and book series such as “For Dummies,” and has been designated as a “Career Builder” Literary Agent.  Holding a California teaching credential, Jelen teaches author platform tricks, techniques and strategies in workshops and webinars.



Michael McCallister has been helping ordinary people understand computer software and the web for two decades. He is the author of openSUSE Linux Unleashed and coauthor (with Bud Smith) of WordPress in Depth. McCallister was named one of the Mindtouch Most Influential in Technical Communication and Content Strategy for two years. He is a past president of his local Society for Technical Communication chapter and works as Senior Document Architect at PKWARE. He’s active on social networks as WorkingWriter.